[bct] Re: But I was only gone over night!

  • From: Krister Ekstrom <krister@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 18:54:01 +0100

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Hey, sorry to intrude here, but this is a typical situation where you
might want to consider using pgp or its open-source equivalent Gnupg to
sign your mails, rather like i've done below. That way if you got the
pgp key of the person who wrote the message, you could be sure it
came            from them. Yes, it's a little more work but it could maybe make
the situation more secure.
Off the soap box now.
- --

Neal Ewers wrote: | Well, I was unable to check my mail from dinner time last night until | now. We were doing a bit of celebrating in that it is both Saint | Patties day and our anniversary. So, I come back to what appears to be | chaos.By the way, this is really Neal, but then, how would you actually | prove that? | | I believe Larry has taken care of future threats from this person by | removing him from the list. Of course, the culprit has spoofed a lot of | people's email addresses, so he could be sending messages from us to | anyone on the planet. This is not to make people paranoid, but I do | think we need to be on the lookout for any message we get that is | responding to something someone thinks we said when we actually didn't. | And, I would caution you, as others have done, not to download | everything you hear about. | | So, how do you know what to download and what you should not download? | One way is to be ware of things that seem to promise the sky. The other | thing is to not download software that says it will clean your computer | or free up space on your hard drive unless you know for sure that it is | legitimate. Personally, I do not use any program that says it is going | to do this. This is not because I always disbelieve the author, but | because I want to know what is actually being done to the files on my | computer, rather than having some software delete things it happens to | believe should be deleted. I realize that there is valid software out | there that does this, but how do you know the good from the bad? The | problem is, that if you trust software that does things like clean your | registry or delete files to make space on your computer, you must, must, | must, know that this is a legitimate application. Do some research. | Talk to others who have used it. Talk to your computer support people | at your internet provider company. If you have any doubts at all, just | continue with a less clean hard drive. | | I am very sorry that people have lost important material as a result of | this. I know of one person in particular who has had this happen. | Nothing I say will bring back that material. All I can do is offer my | sympathy. Hopefully, we are all a bit smarter than we were this time | yesterday, and perhaps, a bit more careful. Careful, is a good thing to be. | | Neal | |

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