[bct] Re: Build a budget parabolic mic

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I heard of devices that were supposedly cheap, one called a spy ear that claims to allow you to point it at a wall and hear what's through it.
I doubt those things I have heard of online or from spam really work, just like I bet the Ring Stop stuff for stopping the ringing sound in people's ears doesn't do much of anything.

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You can buy parabolic mics of course, but they are pricey. They are used to
listen to and record bird calls, to record a speaker at a distance while not
picking up so much background audience noise, and law enforcement uses them
for spying.

But if you just wanted to play with one, as the inventor here does in
recording backyard wildlife,  you would need a steep toy budget.

I remember examining a real parabolic mic in a store. It was connected to a
unit with headphones and it was like binoculars with your ears. I picked it
up, pointed it at my golden retriever and I could hear him panting as loud
as a freight train.

This is why building your own looks attractive.

You might remember my discussion of solar cooking in an early BCT. I love
this kind of home-brew kids science fair stuff.


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