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Let me echo what Mary says about the work of Allan Ackley.  We have six or
seven Braillers ranging back to the early 1950s, and he has kept them all
well-repaired.  A nice guy, too.


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I got my work brailler and home brailler cleaned last summer and they are as

good as new. The work machine (or formerly a work machine) is 30 years old 
and my home machine was bought in 1959. I paid about $150 for each of them; 
$65 base fee and additional cost for shipping carton and new parts since 
neither had been repaired or cleaned in 30 years. I sent them via UPS to 
Ackley Appliance Service; address, phone and web site are:
Ackley Appliance Service
4301 Park Avenue, No. 540
Des Moines, Iowa 50321-3452
Phone: (515) 288-3931
Web: www.braillerman.com

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