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Maria, I have used the Braille Blazer as well.  I haven't done a market
check lately, but at the time we looked at Trace, it was about as
inexpensive as you could get.  However, the problem we had with it was
that because it pushes the paper out rather than pulling it from the
front, the paper would often jam.  Perhaps they have redesigned it in
the last several years, but at least those were our problems with it.  I
seem to recall that there was some way to have it pull the paper rather
than push it, but I don't remember enough to be accurate about that even
if it exists.
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Hello, Maria:
One suggestion is the Braille Blazer, made by Freedom Scientific. It is
small and quite lightweight, considering that it is  an embosser.
However, I have had a few problems with mine, however, when I get it to
work properly, it's a good machine. Best of luck,

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Hi Friends,
I have a question for all of you, but especially for those of you who
are acquainted with braille embossers.  For some time I have been
considering purchasing a braille embosser for home use.  At first I just
thought I'd use it for brailling lyrics, lists, notes, etc.  Then I
thought perhaps I could contact restaurants and brail some menus for
them as well.  Heck, I could even produce some of Mary's braille cards
for next Christmas.  Therefore, I would like something sturdy enough for
frequent use, but not overly large, as space is a big consideration.  
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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