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  • Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 14:04:49 -0700

Hello, Maria:
One suggestion is the Braille Blazer, made by Freedom Scientific. It is small 
and quite lightweight, considering that it is  an embosser.
However, I have had a few problems with mine, however, when I get it to work 
properly, it's a good machine. Best of luck,
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  Hi Friends,

  I have a question for all of you, but especially for those of you who are 
acquainted with braille embossers.  For some time I have been considering 
purchasing a braille embosser for home use.  At first I just thought I'd use it 
for brailling lyrics, lists, notes, etc.  Then I thought perhaps I could 
contact restaurants and brail some menus for them as well.  Heck, I could even 
produce some of Mary's braille cards for next Christmas.  Therefore, I would 
like something sturdy enough for frequent use, but not overly large, as space 
is a big consideration.  

  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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