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That is amazing that you wore out a display.  I have used a     PowerBraille
40 for 14 years.  It has never had to be cleaned or serviced and every dot
and button still works perfectly.  
I do think 40 characters is a good length for comfortable reading.  The
wider display can require a lot of arm movement, but there is usually a way
to limit the number of characters used.  Of course, the side very expensive
displays are really great for working with spread sheets, etc.  
For a while I had a BrailleNote 18 cell notetaker and even that for me was
comfortable for reading books from web braille.  I thought it wouldn't be
too good because of the short display, but because of the positioning of the
thumb keys, it turned out to work very smoothly to read for pleasure.  

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I had a powerbraille 40 display for a half dozen years or so, and actually
had one at home and one at work, but wore them both out to where the dots
weren't worth replacing. Before that I used a Navigator 6-dot 40-cell
display and had one at home and one at work; I have a Navigator that still
works, and it will function adequately with Jaws although, since it doesn't
have dots 7 and 8, you can't tell where the cursor is; nor cqan you get the
braille cells to vibrate to indicate upper case. There are also no routing
buttons on it to enable you to position the braille cursor at a particular
cell. I currently have two Pac Mate braille displays and use one with the PC
and the other with the pac mate when the need arises; I used to use that one
at work till retirement last August. I also had a braille lite 18, and that
finally bit the dust so now have a braille lite M40 which I love and hope it
lasts a very long time.
I get a bit annoyed with companies that only produce 32-cell displays or
20-cell displays since the standard web braille format for NLS books and
magazines is 40-character lines. But that's just me; it doesn't reflect my
feelings toward the companies who make such an effort to create braille
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