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I like to use the 32-cell Braille note I usually keep at work for computer
work, but the 18-cell I take on trips because it is lighter and because I
read braille one-handed, I don't need to move around as much with the
smaller display.  When I sent my 32-cell in for its transplant I had the 18
cell at work, it was OK except some of the medical words I deal with were
longer than the display which was sort of weird after not seeing that for a
couple of years.  

Rose Combs

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Actually I'm probably in the minority in that I prefer eighteen cells over
forty.  More portable, and less tiring to read I think. The bookworm with
eight cells would have been a little too stilted I think, but I would love
to have seen one. I have a braille lite 2000, and a Braillenote MPower, both
eighteen cells. They can both be used with the pc as braille displays, and
the MPower can be used wirelessly as a braille display also.



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