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Darrell, this is correct.  You can not change mikes in one file because
one has to press a particular keystroke to cause the external plug to
change from a head phone plug to a line in plug, and this can only be
done in the idle position.

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Hey Neal,
Ah, so one can't simply change mics midstream without having to create a
separate file?  
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OK, there are two files on the Milestone recorder on the ftp site.  One
is a technical review that uses a couple different microphones etc.
Because I had to stop and start the recorder to do this, I had to save
it as a wave file and then save it again as a 192 KBPS MP3 file.  The
second file is a very short, unprocessed file.  I copied it directly
from the recorder to the ftp site without saving it as a wave file.  So,
it should be what you would hear if you listened to it on your computer.
Enjoy.  If you can't get it, I'll send it to yousendit and see if that
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