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lol Darren!!! and hi to the list.
My name is Joseli and I just joined because I like the blind cool tech pod casts and figured the milling list would be as interesting and lively as the casts and thus far I haven't been let down *grin*
I'm considering doing a pod cast but not sure what I'm going to do it on.
I have several animals, so thought about something along those lines or one of the many computer programs I have or something, I'm not sure yet, like I said.

Joseli Walter
I'd say I've lost my sanity, but you can't loose what you never had to begin with!!
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***dectalk! Dectalk! Dec? talk! Hehehehe!

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Nope, sorry, we aren't using a pentium chip on the unit, and if we were, we'd have to change the 60 hours battery life claims to 60 minutes. (grin.) We are going to put better speech into the next generation though.

fb-oe@xxxxxxx Thursday, January 26, 2006 2:22:30 PM >>>
Hi, all, I'm researching the above units and just listened again to
Larry's July, 2005 cast re differences between these units.  Hey, Larry,
I would love to see Neospeech on the BP--any chance of that?  Beth

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