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  • From: Robert Carter <r-carter@xxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 05 Nov 2005 10:35:18 -0600

Hi Bill and list,

I will attempt to answer your questions by responding just after the question.

Robert Carter

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From: "Bill Holton" <biho@xxxxxxx
To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sat, 5 Nov 2005 09:22:55 -0500
Subject: [bct] Book port questions

I am considering purchasing a book port, and I have a few
questions perhaps
Larryor someone else can answer.
1: I am told the BP is Audible compatabile. Do you use the
Audible Manager software to add books to the BP? no you use the
book port transfer software to send audible books to the book port. Is their a special file to
enable activation as an audible ready player? no, the book port
gets activated the first time you try to send an audible book to it. I am also told you can speed
up the playing. Is this only done at the time o download or can
you do it
on the fly? you can only speed up the playing at the time of
transfer to the book port. Does the BP allow for better navigation,
time, chapters, sections, than the Newvo player? i have not used
the newvo so don't know the answer.
2: Does the BP allow variable speed on mp3 files, such as
podcasts? you can use the book port transfer software and speed up mp3 files before sending them just like you can do with audible files.
4: I am told that in about a year there will be a new design
player. Will
we have to buy a new player to get these upgrades, or will there
be some
sort of trade-in program? i do not know.

What format, bit rate, etc. does the built-in recorder use? i
don't know. Is it easy to
move the recorded files off onto the main computer via the USB
connection? yes.

How does one move the files from RFBD Daisy disks onto the BP?
Is it a
simple copy and paste? you have to use the book port transfer
software and you have to have a special software key installed on your pc. you purchase the key from rfb. transferring the book is not difficult.


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