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  • From: "Marsha Macchi" <marshamac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 13:21:10 -0800

Hi, Marsha here.  Hang on.  It will take quite awhile for the good old NLS
to get its proverbial crap together.  I did this to me too.  It might take
up to 6 weeks for the approval to come down.  This will happen especially
just before the Christmas and New Year holidays.  Everybody's gonna wanna
get out of dodge.  If, a couple of weeks after the holidays you hear
nothing, I would E-mail NLS or contact your regional library and find out
what gives.  Hope this helps.
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From: "Jo Stombaugh" <jostombaugh@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [bct] Book Share help.

> I registered with Book Share about three weeks ago and was waiting for
> verification of eligibility by my regional Library. I had given Book Share
> all of my information and have sent three messages wondering about the
> delay. My regional Library hasn't been contacted and I'm anxious to pay
> begin downloading books. There's a book my daughter is reading and wanted
> to read and it's on their site. Does anyone have experience with Book
> that might be able to help me speed up the process? I got an email saying
> they got my information and it would take a few days for verification; but
> I've heard nothing else. Any help you can give would be greatly
> Thanks and have a blessed Christmas and holiday season. Jo Anne Stombaugh.

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