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  • Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 09:02:44 -0600

I listen to all of the podcasts on my Book Port.  I love the portability.  I 
tend to use the transfer tool; but, the BP does show up as a removable drive 
so I am sure you could transfer files that way.  I am just used to the 
transfer tool and prefer that, being a creature of habit.  If you buy one 
you won't regret it.

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MessageI am really needing a portable device for listening to Podcasts and 
the Book Port keeps calling to me from a distance.

When you connect it to your PC, does it look like another drive so you can 
just copy files to and from it?

Since I'm a techno-idiot, I need something simple. <grin>

Steve Bauer

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