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Well, in a year from now, I should be a seasoned BP user and ready for any
new formats that come along. 

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Unfortunately, the protected wma format used by NetLibrary is one format
Book Port does not support.  Check back in a year, and it might.

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Hi Listers,


I'm a new guy on the block.  So, please excuse... 


The BookPort sounds pretty good and I've put it on my Christmas list.  But,
I have one more question.

I sent this question to the BookPort list and received no reply.  Can anyone
here answer my question?


I use the CNIB's digital library which has a link to Netlibrary. Will I be
able to listen to Netlibrary's audio books on the BookPort?

From Netlibrary Help: 

"NetLibrary's eAudiobooks can be listened to on a wide range of portable
devices, including portable music players, portable media centers, Pocket
PCs, and

even select smartphone devices. In order to be considered a device that
works with NetLibrary eAudiobooks, the only requirement is that the device
must be able to support playback of secure or protected wma files.

NetLibrary eAudiobooks are provided in two sound qualities, CD (34 kbps) and
Radio (4 kbps) quality. Most devices do not support the playback of files
lower than 32 kbps. When selecting a device you should make certain the
device supports playback of at least 32 kbps files. If you are going to
transfer and

listen to an eAudiobook on a device you should download the CD quality file.

To have an optimal experience when listening to a NetLibrary eAudiobook, it
is recommended that you select devices that support features such as
bookmarking and full time stamping. Also, devices that have a storage
capacity of 256 MB at a minimum are recommended since the average CD quality
eAudiobook file size is 140 MB.

Devices that support bookmarking allow you to designate a place within a
file and return to that place. Some devices limit time tracking to a
pre-defined period of time and often eAudiobooks files may be longer than
the pre-defined period in the device. In this case, the complete length of
the file will not be shown in the device. Devices that support full time
stamping do not limit the time tracking of a file in any way and will allow
the full length of an eAudiobook file to display.".





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