[bct] Re: Book Port Fidelity Query

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  • Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2005 06:30:59 -0800

Yeah, after I wrote it, I started imagining the ramifications of my decision: no more vast troughs of barbecued beef ribs dripping with sauce and ready for tearin' into ... thick, juicy ribeye steaks ... succulent crab legs with vats of drawn butter ... all forsaken just so I could have better spech ... naw, not worth the trade. <Grin>

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I dunno, I'm a very firmly entrenched carnivoar, not sure even a good speech synth would be worth becoming a vegetarian. I was raised one, got the T-shirt, never again.

But, yup, Double Talk sounds like a Dectalk with a cold, under water, under a down pillow in a rainstorm.


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