[bct] Re: Book Port Fidelity Query

  • From: "David Tanner" <david-tanner@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 15:30:12 -0600

There was a note from somebody on the BookPort list saying that BookPort is 
back ordered as of this past Friday.  I have recommended two for clients of 
mine.  I am sure his is on back order, but the other one has not been ordered 
yet.  Since they are both college students and will need them next semester for 
their books I hope they come in before to long.

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:I am still waiting for my book port; ordered it in mid-November. I hope it's 
: not sitting in the apartment manager's office and nobody thought to tell me 
: it was here already! I ordered it as an alternative to the WS320; also the 
: battery life for the book port is incredible!
: Mary 

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