[bct] Bonfire Night

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Hi Donna and everyone,

That podcast sounded wonderful with all the fireworks. We used to have a lot of 
them here on Independence day, and New Year's Eve, but they are not legal due 
to the fire danger, so most people go to public exhibits. The exhibits even 
have local symphonies playing background music and an audio narration and the 
people doing the shows are professionals with explosives so they can do a lot 
with colors and can actually create all sorts of visual effects in the sky. Due 
to the dry summers here in California, it's against the law to have private 
fireworks, but when I was a child we had a lot of them although the sales were 
restricted. Some how though, somebody always knew where the not-so-preferred 
ones were sold.

On New Year's Eve it also used to be quite noisy, but it's gotten much quieter; 
even at the turn of the century it was very quiet although there were public 
displays. People would wrap up in coats and scarves and go out and watch; it 
was also covered on radio and TV. One year it was so quiet here that somebody 
couldn't stand the quiet, so at midnight she went out to one of the main areas 
here and screamed for five minutes! It was rather funny and it woke me up from 
a sound sleep! It woke up the neighbors too, and there was a mad scramble of 
people opening windows to see what was going on.  

Halloween also used to be a lot more fun; these days there are very few 
children going door to door doing "trick or treating" and collecting candy; I 
think the trend is more towards small gatherings and parties, where things are 
much more supervised. Times have certainly changed.

I hope that in other places things are a bit more lively. 


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