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Bill, i was out of town today so I am just getting to looking at this. I have to say that I don't know for sure if you can do both braille and speech at the same time, but imagine that you can as you can do both keyboard input and either display or speech at the same time. i actually just got keysoft 7, and have not tried this out. However, you've got me wondering now, so i will test this out tomorrow and let you know what I come up with.


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Jenny, I'm doing the transplant of my Braille Note Classic to the Empower,
but it will be several weeks before I get the iMpower. I'm wondering if you
can use it as a remote bluetooth braille display and voice synth at the same
time. Everything I've seen says you can do one or the other.


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In the same way, the new Braille note models with displays can serve as
bluetooth displays for your computer, however, they already have bluetooth
built in so do not need any adapter, , and now as well allow you to operate
your computer remotely with both Window eyes and Jaws. You can input
commands or text and can set it as a remote synthesizer also. So basically,

you can sit on your couch and read with speech or braille and operate your
computer.  Very very cool.


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