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This is from WTKR TV, my local CBS affiliate--very interesting.  Beth

Like millions of others, Tom Kelley has joined the Blackberry Nation. His
handheld computer keeps him connected to his office in Atlanta when he is on
road for Coca Cola.

"I like it," he said. "I don't have to carry around a big lap top unless I
need to."

While busy business executives have been sending e-mails on wireless
handsets for more than five years now, computer hackers have found a
weakness in the
technology used to send and receive information that can enable hackers to
break in and steal what is stored on the computers.

Bluetooth technology runs many of these devices and in some cases, hackers
have been able to design an antenna and mini computer that will discover,
into and steal information. A web site, Tom's networking, (
http://www.tomsnetworking.com/Sections-article106.php )
claims to have the directions you need to build a Bluetooth sniper rifle.
When assembled, it claims to be able to discover Bluetooth signals from a

We were able to assemble one with the help of four computer science students
from Old Dominion University. Within seconds after turning the rifle on, we
were able to find a Bluetooth headset turned on from across a room.

We also were able to pick up a Bluetooth signal from inside the Tidewater
Community College Building standing on the roof of a downtown Norfolk

Our students concluded that while it was possible to build the rifle
following the directions from the web site, it takes a high level of
expertise in both
computers and engineering to accomplish the task.

Hacking into Bluetooth devices is possible and because of that, computer
experts say you should encrypt as much of your technology as possible.
Making it
even marginally difficult for a thief to break in, will usually send a
hacker away in search of an easier mark.

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