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  • Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2006 16:16:10 -0700

Hi Mika,

I believe you're actually referring to BlogLines at http://www.bloglines.com.  
I use that as my online RSS aggregator.

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  I know several people use Blogger with Jaws.

  The key disadvantage I see in it is that you must be online to use it, it 
does not download the text rss content to your computer.  So for instance, you 
could not read the content on your laptop when not connected to the internet 
with Blogger.

  I have used News Gator Outlook Edition before.  This is a text RSS reader 
that integrates with Microsoft Outlook and it essentially creates a folder for 
each blog and under each folder you have your posts which look somewhat similar 
to emails in Outlook.

  There is also a program called Accessible RSS which will read text rss data, 
but again you may need to be connected to the interenat at the time of reading.

  Note if you are going to be connected to the net, then Blogger might work 
just fine for you.


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  Hi, I asked a question the other day on juice and some addresses that did not 
produce episodes.  Well, one reply I got was that maybe I wasn't getting any 
episodes due to that that address had no audio type of topics or such.  Okay, I 
will try to use another program that handles non-audible downloads such as 
blogger or something.  Can someone suggest one that will work well with Jaws?  
I am sorry for being so ignorant but, I am learning.

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