[bct] Re: Bizarre Sound Forge and JFW behavior

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  • Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 09:34:36 -0800

Greetings Dan.

This may have no weight on your situation, but do the two systems use
the same colour bit depth?


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I just installed things on a new desktop computer.  I'm running JFW 7.0
installed Sound Forge 8.0b,  along with the Snowman's JFW scripts.  This

same configuration works beautifully on my laptop, but I am having very
behavior on the desktop and all thoughts would be most welcome.

1. hitting the alt key does not give the menu bar, just applications and

system menus and you cannot arrow down through them, a down arrow does 

2.  I can hit alt and a letter to get a specific menu, but cannot down 
arrow through it once there.  Again, hitting the down or up arrows
no speech.

3. When I try to open a file with a control o, I get the proper dialog,
numerals do not echo.  Letters echo, so typing the string mp3 echoes as
and silence, but if I say the line, the 3 is read.

I suspect all of these are related in some way, but not sure how.  I
maximized the window and stopped and restarted things numerous times to
avail.  The screen resolution is set to 10xx by 7xx, whatever the
are, and this works perfectly on my laptop.  Also, all other apps work
fine on the new desktop, but the Sound Forge program simply will not 
cooperate.  The Snowman's scripts are running because the times are
and other things happen correctly when I have a data file open, but not 
being able to access the menus is a major drawback.

Any ideas?  Please?


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