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Thanks--this answers my question.

On Sat, 27 May 2006 00:35:37 -0400, Borris de Norie wrote:

>On 5/27/2006, 12:24:55 AM EST, Angie wrote:

>> What is the command to select an object (say, a file from a list in
>> Windows Explorer) so that it will stay highlighted and 
>> thus available to be copied to the clipboard as you navigate through the 
>> files?

>You can copy any file in windows explorer, and it will stay on the
>clipboard until you put something else there. If you want to copy
>multiple files at once, you'll need to navigate while holding down the
>control key, pressing the space bar on any object you want selected.
>However, if you start navigating the normal way, your selection will be
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