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I hate the way IE expects you to download programs to the desktop, I creat a
download folder for all downloads and direct IE to put them there.
Unfortunately this folder did not cross in the Windows transfer stuff, so a
few things I had there are gone, like Juice but I will get it back in time.


Rose Combs
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Indeed, I have exactly the same process, but I save it on my computer's hard
drive backed up to my external.  Examples of executables that I save in a
special folder and back up are winamp, AOL Instant messenger, and skype. 
this is important because only a certain version of a particular application
may be accessible, so downloading the latest isn't the best thing to do
after a crash.  for example, the current version of AIM doesn't work well
with speech but the previous version, 5.9, is wonderfully compatible.  it
would take a fair bit of time to find this version now so I keep it on my

Programs I already have on CD that work well for me, such as JAWS, Duxbury,
Nero, and Microsoft Office, don't need to be backed up.


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> Sarah,
> Be careful about transferring programs to your external drive. The 
> programs I meant are the ones you get when you download them off the 
> Internet--for example, the installation programs and zip files. Just 
> moving files out of My Programs won't work unless Windows knows where to 
> find them. You could break something or seriously confuse Windows if you 
> just moved things out of my Programs or out of Documents and Settings. 
> Windows has a place for everything, and everything must be in its place 
> for Windows to work properly.
> Mary Emerson
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