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I was a little surprised that you actually had three lockups then realized you 
are probably using 2.1 with audio files.  I know we had done extensive work in 
that area post 2.1 and as far as I know, all those issues are resolved.  As a 
matter of fact, before we release 2.2, I would really like to try it on your 
machine and your usage patterns.  If we can go for the amount of time that 
you've spent with the device since it was new without any lockups, and you have 
not substantially changed your usage patterns, content, or environment, we 
should be able to put this issue to bed once and for all.

Awe, don't worry about those comments.  You have to let that kind of stuff roll 

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  Hi Larry and everyone,

  I am sorry I didn't mean to cause a argument here.  I was just trying to 
solve a problem and I have now solved it to my satisfaction.  

  I do very much enjoy my BP and I have had a few problems with it but have 
figured them out with help from everyone here.

  The last comment made to me about their PC locking up and not asking for a 
refund was a bit overboard and I didn't appreciate it.  I haven't bashed anyone 
here and do not expect to be bashed back just because someone has a different 
opinion than I do about something.

  I will not ask any more questions about lockups as not to cause a issue here.

  Thanks for all your help on resolving my problem.



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