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  • Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 22:42:11 -0500

Hey y'all,

Just a couple comments on the latest 'cast:

First...Dana, maybe this makes me a little twisted, but I thought your trick with spinning your plate around after you had the clock described to you was pretty funny. Sorta wish I'd thought of it. While it wasn't the right thing to do under those particular circumstances, there's no way you'd've known that. But I guess that just proves that really, everyone's got a story, and we never know where anyone's at, if you know what I mean. Good job making friends with Samantha afterwrds and helping her out! (On a side note and connecting back to a prevous topic, I really don't mind being introduced to other blind people. While it's true we don't all have the same interests and it's a little annoying that people assume we all want to meeet just because we're blind, I still enjoy meeting other blind guys anyway. I figure that either I can learn something, or maybe I can be of help if that's what's neeeded, or maybe I'll just make a new friend anyway. Not a big deal in the grand scheme.)

Larry, your Marley sound a little like our Alena! Well, except Alena talks a lot more, a lot louder, and is sometimes a little harder to understand. I know a few of you on here, but a lot of you I don't. By way of a little background, we adopted our daughter Alena last year (just over a year ago, actually) in Ukraine. Melanie, who is also legally blind (quite a lot of useful vision though), and has some other physical problems, and I, spent five weeks in Ukraine, mostly locked in an apartment, while we went through the Ukrainian adoption process. Anyone want a podcast about that? Anyway, she's five now, and I often tell people when we start talking in some depth about this stuff that she's a 5, 4, 3, 2 year old all at once. Alena is proof positive that we make our reality. No one has told her that she's disabled. (They *have* told her she's cute, and she's learned over her life how to really! work that!) While she didn't have the problems they told us she did in Ukraine--you wouldn't believe the stuff they told us!--she does have seizures, she had a stroke early on the doctors here believe, and she therefore has significant right- side brain damage. But for all that, she's intelligent, active, noisy, runs like the wind, and the joy (and sometimes the frustration!) of our lives. Anyway, after a year, she's learned a lot of English, even if her pronunciation is kind of difficult sometimes, and she's loving her preschool. She's also really adapted to home life, and she's come so far...things that used to freak her out (like rain and lit up buildings at night and hot water and the dogs and cats) aren't problems anymore. Anyway, your mars reminded us a little of our Alena. And it really is interesting how they learn in their own way how to deal with a blind parent or grandparent or whatever. Alena's really become very good about showing me where things are, and mostly comes and answers me when called. And does she love to sing! (There was one part where Mars was singing something, I forget, something she'd made up, and we thought, wow--that just reminds us so much of Alena!)

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