[bct] Re: BCT skype conference?

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  • Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 03:08:44 -0500

MessageI feel that we need a chat room where we can go any time we want. We 
could set up a daily or weekly sched with each other and meet there but we need 
a room where we can go an talk all the time. There are people who work on a 
daily basis who can only talk with the group during the evening hours. Then 
there are those who may need this environment all the time to be able to talk 
with people. Dang I sure miss firetalk. I loved that service. I wonder if team 
talk or pal talk would work as well?

  I loved firetalk because you  could make private calls or get in to a 
conference. Maybe we need to create a chat site or buy one from the folks at 
audio tips. Either way I sure would like to talk with you all.----- Original 
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  some time on the weekands during the day like 2-5 pm would work
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    I would be interested as well.  My Skype name is 

    It seems like we need:
    1.  A way to collect peoples Skype ids instead of a million emails.  Can 
anyone whip up an html form to do this that would put the names in a list.  I 
would do it, but I don't know CGI, etc.  I can ask one person that might know 
how to do it though; and2
    .  Pick a date and time which it seems like we are working on.

    Sorry if this has already been done I am reading these messages in reverse 
chronological order and who knows I might get to an original message where this 
is all set up :).


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    That would be cool.  My Skype name is in my signature.

    Sincerely yours,
    The Constantly Barefoot,
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    God bless President George W. Bush!
    God bless our troops!
    and God bless America
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    Subject: [bct] BCT skype conference?

    Hi guys.

    I have been collaborating with a few other people on skype from this list 
and we thought it would be kinda cool to do a BCT skype conference call. I 
think we can have up to 9 people is that right?

    This would be very cool and fun. What do you all think?

    Darren Duff

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