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Speaking of podcasts, I am not planning one but for those of you who sent me
Studio Recorder info last week, I got it up and recording using my USB
microphone.  This will make it easier the next time I get inspired to do a
cast at least I can edit some, cut sections out or rearrange them which will
be even better than analog tape.  My Olympus DS2 isn't going anywhere,
however, my husband and I have used it a few times, he recorded a meeting at
work, I used it to do my career cast and the other night I tried to record a
conversation it appeared my husband was having with the dog.  They were both
growling and barking, but, I did something wrong with the recorder and did
not get it although I tried, it was rather funny listening to them because
they were competing to see who could make the most noise, and I think the
dog won.  They do this often so maybe sometime I will actually get a
recording.  Actually, our previous lab was better at this conversation bit,
she always had to get the last word or bark in.  

No, I don't plan to podcast the dog/husband conversations, probably not
family oriented ha ha.  

Rose Combs

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Welcome Randy.  I am a new list member too and I like the atmosphere.

I too want to learn more about digital recording and creating podcasts so 
your questions will be of interest to me too.  There is a mix of experienced

and inexperienced people and I think this will be a good place to learn.

By the way, I live in Nashville, Tennessee, but will be moving to Florida in

the spring.

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Good morning. My name is Randy Black. I'm from Madison Wisconsin. I work in
the Registrars Office at the University of Wisconsin/Madison. I'n an
aspiring podcaster and my next message will have some getting started
questions. This list seems to be wide ranging and very courteous. I think
I'll like it here. Smile. Randy Black

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