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I eagerly await both your Christmas broadcast and the one on getting the most 
out ofyour equipment.  I put Larry's "Essential Podcasting Kit" on my Christmas 
list, so we'll see what Santa can do.  I may yet enter this podcasting world.  
Feel the power...
Wield the magic!...
Gaming at the speed of sound!
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  Randy, there is not a voice on this list I don't like.  The belief that 
people with lower voices some how sound better is often purveyed by the media, 
but who always believes them anyway.  And yes, there are people on this list 
who do podcasts with very inexpensive equipment.  One of the podcasts I am 
thinking of doing would be some tips on how to get the best quality out of the 
inexpensive equipment some are forced to buy simply because that is all they 
can afford.  How do you make an Iriver or an Olympus sound as good as you can 
possibly make it.  How do you get an inexpensive mike to work well with your 
particular voice and thus sound much better than it might otherwise.  If people 
are interested, I can certainly give this one a go.  In fact, Dan and I have a 
little something up our sleeves to deal with this very subject.  Sorry Dan if I 
spilled the beans.  Now, I guess we'll really have to do it.  But, before that, 
I have at least one Christmas podcast planned.  I want to demo my Kurzweil 
keyboard and share some of my music.  It's a wonderful keyboard that actually 
allows me to record real instruments and voices and digitally put them into my 
keyboard.  So, I have the actual sound of the 300 voice London Chorus, violins, 
flutes, harps, hand bells, French horns, etc.  It's like conducting an entire 
orchestra and choir.  So be on the look out for this Christmas special from Neal


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    Hello. You are right. We don't have a choice with the snow. I liked the 
nice dry sidewalks of yesterday but there's no such luck.
    Don't hold your breath waiting for my pod cast. I'm still in the process of 
buying equipment and haven't quite decided what I want to pod cast about yet.
    I don't even have a sound editing program yet so I fear more cash needs to 
go out before my voice goes very far. Smile. Besides, you have that wonderful 
bass voice. I'm afraid I'm in a higher vocal range.
    But maybe the whole process is less complex than it sometimes seems. The 
nice thing is some folks survive doing this with far less equipment than I 
currently have. So we'll see what happens.
    Thanks for the warm welcome. And if you are lucky, maybe I can send some of 
the snow I don't want your way. Evil grin.
    Randy Black

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      Good morning Randy, this is Neal.  It's interesting to be emailing via 
this listserv a person who only works about 3 or 4 blocks from me.  I hope you 
like the list, and I also hope you like the snow we're getting.  I don't think 
we have much choice on that one.  I'll be looking forward to any podcasts you 


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        Good morning. My name is Randy Black. I'm from Madison Wisconsin. I 
work in the Registrars Office at the University of Wisconsin/Madison.
        I'n an aspiring podcaster and my next message will have some getting 
started questions.
        This list seems to be wide ranging and very courteous. I think I'll 
like it here. Smile.
        Randy Black

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