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Greetings Dana.
I do apologize for having failed to follow through with a conversation
with you. I've been kept fairly busy with the kids, some audio projects
I've been working on, and... the kids. They're quite a handful. I've
been hoping to catch you one of these days while they're at school, so
we shall see. Oh... and just in case you're curious, they're not *my*
kids. Just my siblings, but I watch after them incessantly.
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HI Friends:
I just finished listening to 236, a good all around cast!  I especially
liked Kai's piece using the various voice effects.  I wish you would
still consider talking with me about these Kai.  It seems, for some
reason, we cannot get it together on our phones.  I am always at your
availability as I am the one who wants to know the information, so just
say when my friend.  In the 80's there was a company, Tomy, who made a
wide variety of toys known as Pop Overs.  These toys were all wind up in
nature and all took some action.  I mean, they had everything!  My
sister still has her collection and I will try to get her to go through
them on a future pod cast.  I am going to experiment with some of the
Studio Recorder delete effects described by Rob later today.  I am glad
to hear that Bose has become more involved with accessibility issues as
they haven't been in the past.  While there are certainly good reasons
for doing a studio professional pod cast, like Beth, I prefer the
element of humanity and normality, thus I will make good use of errors
and mistakes in mine.  I liked hearing Chris and Marla's dog in the
background, the hums and hisses in the recordings others make as it
makes me feel better about my own inadequacy regarding editing and
processing.  Have a good Sunday all!

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