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I do enjoy your podcasts and yes it's a big place and you definitely need to 
spend some time getting to see everything.

I think we have almost every kind of climate in Australia, we have desert, 
snow-capped mountains, humid areas and average temp climates all in one 
country.  Sydney is nice but I find it very busy and bustling.  I live in 
Melbourne which is probably the second-largest city and we're not so frantic 

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  I think I would like the people over there, You all still seem very British 
in may of your ways and outlook, and I love the 'have a go' attitude that seems 
to prevale with you guys.


  I would like to go to Sydney, amongst other places.  I would think it is a 
trip you would have to plan carefully in order to see everything.


  Hope you enjoy my Podcasts.  





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  Hey Paul


  I looked at your email and, having listened to your podcast about your life 
and career, put two and two together and got it right *smile*


  I think prices have come down a little.  I've never been to the UK so really 
haven't looked at cost of flying.


  However, Australia is a wonderful place to visit.  People who live here often 
complain about things but ... when you visit other countries and see how 
crowded things can often be and how much things cost ... we seriously are very 




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    Sorry Smile> I should have put my name on the last message.  Its Paul.


    I thought prices for flying between Australia and the UK had come down a 
lot over the years?


    I'd love to go to Australia.


    Paul (Birmingham UK)



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