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Terrific, I'll be looking forward to your joint cast.

Ok, On a totally different track.  I thought I'd get your and/or your wife's
opinions on legal thriller books by authors such as Grisham, Scottolini, and
Connors?  Lynne and I have been enjoying them for years, but I was wondering
if the scenarios and terminology are as life-like as they seem.  We just
finished reading two novels by rose Connors, whose stories take place in and
around the Chatham (I'm not sure I spelled that correctly) area.  This
question is for Marcia.  Do your professors tell you to stay away from those
type of books?  (Smile)

anyway, I'm just curious to hear your take on this.


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> Hi Maria and all, yes, my wife and I will do a podcast on auras, might not
> happen until Friday however, beings as she is in law school and it is a
> harsh mistress.
> Dan

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