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Hi Dan,
Without meaning to, I've stumbled across numerous people who have told me mine is blue. I was playing a concert one time and after the show, a woman came up to me, and thinking she might be interested in a cd, I was surprised to hear, "Oh my God, you have the bluest aura I've ever seen." She thought I would look at her like she was a bit deranged, however, this kind of thing is extremely fascinating to me, as are any discussions of what's known as "Higher consciousness." I tried talking to her a bit more about what she saw, but her husband, evidently not liking the discussion at all, neatly escorted her out. Are you able to see spirits as well, as everything is energy, even if it is not always visible to the naked eye? I seem to be able to feel presences, notice temperature changes when a spirit or energy source enters and/or leaves my vicinity. It isn't always just about temperature, however, because when I meet someone I can sometimes feel a heaviness surrounding them, as if life has been difficult, and unyielding.

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Beth, sometimes, I see an aura just out of the blue, so to speak. I get a much clearer picture if the person touches me, usually I have them grasp my wrist. I have to kind of twist my mind to see auras, and I do not do this when in public as it is confusing.

The auras I see never pulse, except if you are very close to a person, you may place your hand over their chest and you can see the aura pulse with their heartbeat, but as you can imagine, I don't get that close to very many folk.

Different colors have different meanings, and a person's mood or emotional state will be reflected, to an extent, in their aura. Something that is very odd, if a person has had an amputation, you can see the limb's aura even if the limb is not there, as if the body remembers what shape it should be and projects that aura.

I can get a very real sense of auras when I talk to somebody on the phone. If I know somebody very well, I can sometimes sense their aura from thousands of miles if there is strong emotion involved, like a sudden loss or shock.


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