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  • Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 18:05:46 -0800

MessageYes, this is what i already have.  It has very few controls.  it allows 
you to open the file, then it plays it, over and over until you close it.  it 
does not appear that there are pause or stop buttons, and this i will need to 
do while transcribing.  any other ideas?


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  Jenny, see


  They have what is called the "Nice" media player.  perhaps this is what you 
already have.


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    can anyone tell me what players support the AUD file extension?  I am 
transcribing a bunch of tiny files with that extension and need to be able to 
stop and start them.  A media player came with the files but it seems to not 
really have any controls other than opening the file and allowing it to play.  
It does allow me to save them as wav files, but it will take me a good long 
time to save 244 files as WAV files.  If anyone can help i would greatly 
appreciate it.

    Jenny Axler

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