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  • From: "Bill Belew" <bill@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 09:38:20 -0800

Hi Lynnette,
I called their tech support and registered a complaint and I also responded
to their follow-up e-mail and made my point again about the slowness and the
loss of accessibility.  
I do like some of the changes, for example, the way you can check several
books for download all at once.  I liked the link to jump to main content,
but I always wished they would have a checkbox that you could check to just
always go ahead and jump there without having to wait for another page to

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I'm hoping this holds true for me as well, Bill, because right now I'm
completely out of like with them...and I was a huge advocate for the service
and would mention it at every opportunity.
they have a link to an e-mail address, and I found myself writing to them.
We'll see if I receive any reply.

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Yes, I have been getting very frustrated with the slowness of Audible pages
displaying.  I'm so not very fond of their new web page design.  There are
some improvements, but they took away the "jump to main content" link at the
top of each page.  Of course, it may be that I'm just bothered by something
new and maybe I'll like it when they get the speed back up to where it
should be.  

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Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone else out there has noticed that audible's website
has been very slow the past week or so.  Is it just me?


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