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Hi Jenny and all,

Training aside, I was lead to believe that Audacity wasn't really very 
accessible.  Are there scripts or sets for it?

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  i don't think this message has been posted to this list, if it has, I 
apologize.  In case it was not, i thought it would be of interest.  And so am 
posting it below.
  Join us for an online demonstration and discussion of a free audio recording
  program named Audacity. The presentation will take place Monday, February
  13, 6:00 PM Pacific.  This free seminar will be held in a live voice chat
  conference room at ATI.

  Gene Asner, a certified ATI Trainer,  will discuss basic operations such as
  how to record, save the recorded material in various formats, and how to
  decide which format best meets your needs. He will explain how to record
  content from the Internet such as live streams. More advanced features of
  the program will also be discussed. these are easy to use and even
  inexperienced users of audacity will be able to work with them with a little

  Whether you have never recorded before or are experienced in working with
  audio, come enjoy and participate in this presentation.

  The formal presentation will last about an hour followed by a question and
  answer period.

  For more information, please visit:


  CathyAnne Murtha
  Online Access Technology Trainer
  Access Technology Institute
  FAX: 916.679.4198

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