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  • Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 23:27:10 -0600

So, would this become required reading material prior to someone being allowed 
to participate in the list?  

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: Riz, I do not believe anyone here has suggested that there not be 
: questions, even the most elementary of questions.  The idea of a FAQ serves 
: several purposes.  It does provide a starting place for the beginner and, 
: possibly, even the advanced user of the various technologies we discuss here.
: In addition, it serves to point out things that may need to be added or 
: even removed.
: It used to be in the Unix world that the acronym was used, RTFM, it meant 
: read the frikking manual.  I do not want to see that kind of attitude 
: here.  At the same time, a well constructed set of FAQs and short write-ups 
: can help a beginner learn a little and, perhaps, form more cogent and 
: directed questions.  Often, a beginner doesn't even know which questions to 
: ask.
: When I started learning about podcasts, I knew how to make audio files, but 
: had no clue as to how to turn them into a podcast.  I was so out of that 
: loop I did not even know what to ask about, and hence, never got good 
: advice because I did not ask correctly.  A FAQ with simple, easy to follow, 
: steps 1, 2, 3 and such on how to make a podcast would be invaluable.
: The point is not to tell people they cannot ask questions, but to offer 
: them the opportunity to read or listen to some material so they can be 
: better prepared to ask more meaningful questions.
: Dan 

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