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I have never heard the word pseudoparathyroidhypertosis before and could not 
find it online or in my Stedman's electronic dictionary.  I am not sorry to 
see the demise of such an unwieldy word.  If it were still in use I would 
have to create a shortcut in my word expander for it, that is for certain.

After reading about your score with zeds, I reiterate, no Scrabble!  That is 
an amazing score for a four-letter word.  Whenever I have a word with a q or 
a z it seems like it always just misses the double or triple letter spaces.

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Hi Joni, no, pseudoparathyroidhypertosis is real, it was in Dorland's
medical dictionary in the sixties, but has disappeared beings as they have
renamed it to some syndrom with a hyphenated name.  It was a condition that
appeared to be an enlargement of the parathyroid gland, but was actually
swelling of surrounding tissues that did not affect the parathyroid.

I won Scrabble very often, it was fun.  Imagine the board, the lower left
corner with a triple word score and a double letter score a few spaces
above it.  I laid down the word zeds, meaning the plural of zed, which is
Canadian English normal for the letter z.  It was worth nearly 90 points, I
believe.  Getting that much from a 4 letter word was nifty.


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