[bct] Artificial Sight Restoration

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        I work with one of the recipients of an artificial retinal chip.  He
and his twin brother were blinded later in life ... and both have
participated in retinal restorative experiments.  You might recognize his
name; he's been featured on Dateline NBC and a few other news programs.  I
don't know too much about which research group he's involved with, but I'm
sure he'd tell me a bit about his experiences and such.  Let me see if I can
get him to sit still for an interview, shall I?  If he agrees, I can submit
the audio of our conversation to BCT.

If anyone has any suggestions for questions for Melvin, please send them to
me at sarahheesen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  I hope he'll talk -- he's such a ham and a
sweet, genuine guy.


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My hats off to all you guys who lost your sight in recent times.  You have
learned how to live successfully and that's awesome!  I thought you'd miss
stuff you had once seen.  Heck, I only saw in infancy and I feel like I miss
seeing too--because I'd love to see the world and other people.  There is
research being done now, with human trials, re artificial retina systems for
those who had sight for many years, then lost it.  Have any of you looked
into this?  Beth

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