[bct] Re: Archiving very old cassette recordings

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  • Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 04:32:17 -0800

The best way I've found to archive cassettes is to use Goldwave.Thats assuming that none of the tapes are four track recordings .
If there are four track recordings however, their is a way around that to.
If you have Goldwave and are interested in it let me know and I'll help if possible
Contact me at
jstiers@xxxxxxxxxxx or by phone at 503 253-8557.
John Stiers

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Subject: [bct] Archiving very old cassette recordings

I have many cassette tapes that are over thirty years old, and I want to digitally archive them. Since I only want to archive them for now and do the postprocessing work later, I am wondering what people would recommend in terms of format, sampling rate, etc. Most of the recordings were done on an old Sony monaural recorder. Some of the recordings of radio stations were done using a patchcord, but still monaural. Could I get buy with recording everything in MP3, perhaps at 192 KBPS and 32kHz mono sampling? Like I said, the originals aren't high quality, but I'd still like to enjoy the digitized copies of them for years to come. I will store the archives on DVDs.

Thanks for any thoughts, Mike

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