[bct] Re: Anyone out there using gmud?

  • From: Monica <plumlipstick@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 21:47:49 -0500

Hi. Your frames from Windows 98 won't work because XP uses a different mode for video display. You will have better luck with actual scripts. There are GMud scripts, several different sets in fact. They all work well under XP. However, you may want to look at a program called MonkeyTerm as it has a better feature set and better speech support. Go to http://www.randylaptop.com to find out about the program and the Jaws support for it. I think it's on the projects page of that site. It's not the program's official site, but you'll find a podcast and all kinds of help and scripts for setting it up. Unlike GMud, MonkeyTerm has support for the sound protocol on games like Medievia, and it has a much more robust trigger and macro set. Sean Randall, the owner of the site I mentioned, has written several libraries to add sounds and advanced triggers, something I used to complain about not having with GMud.

I hope this helps you.

Monica Visit my blog at: http://plumlipstick.livejournal.com

On Saturday 3/25/2006 07:53 AM, you wrote:
Good morning, all. I was wondering if any of you are using Gmud. It's
essencially a glorified telnet client for playing online text-based games.
Anyway, I had it working beautifully when I was running windows 98, but now
that I'm using XP pro, I'm having some problems. The frame I created to
read text as it appears on the screen is not behaving at all as it should,
and also, JFW isn't allowing me to change the processing priority. I don't
know if that is a bug in the JFW 7 frame manager or what, but it's weird.
Also, although I'm using the same font and window dimentions that worked
perfectly under swin98, I'm getting a lot of repeted text and the output
from my frame is pretty much useless.
The frame, while annoying, isn't my biggest problem, however. Under win98,
I was always able to "see" the line I was typing. I could use my arrows on
it and backspace; the line I was typing was fully accessible until I
pressed enter to send it to the game. Now, everything is completely blank.
Along the same lines, I used to be able to use my up and down arrows to
scroll through every command I had typed; this was very handy in battle
when I wanted to cast spells and stuff. Anyway, I am no longer able to
navigate to any previously exicuted commands. Any ideas? If not, is anyone
aware of a mud client that is fully accessible under windows XP?
I kind of want to get back to some of the games I was playing before my
computer was upgraded, but the way gmud performs now, it takes all the fun
out of playing. Thanks in advance for any ideas any of you may have, and I
hope you're all having a great day.

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