[bct] Re: Anyone out there using gmud?

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  • Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 14:08:17 -0600

I'm using gmud with Jaws 7 and windows xp. My version is working well with
some scripts I got from the tafn web site.

If you need the scripts, you might want to write to

Hope this helps


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Hi! I play games such as deeper trouble, Eternal darkness and Astaria.
A good site to check out for online text-based games is
I've used gmud forever because it is simple and does everything I want it
to do. However, if there's something out there that is more accessible
using XP, I'll gladly learn a new program.
As I said in my previous message, gmud is essencially a glorified telnet
client with a couple of extra goodies thrown in. I have it configured
exactly as it was when I was using win98, so apart from the operating
system and version of jfw, nothing has changed. If I ever do get it working
properly again, I'd be happy to attempt a podcast if anyone is interested.

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