[bct] Any recommendations for a CD/DVD player?

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  • Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2006 13:23:16 -0800

Hi all,

During all my conversion efforts during the past few days it has become rather 
ovbious that I should upgrade my CD/DVD equipment. I currently don't need to 
create any DVD's so that part isn't a priority; what is, most definitely, a 
nuisance is that I have some MPG files on about 7 dozen CD's, and neither of my 
two CD players on this desktop PC would read some of them, so I had to copy the 
MPG files from my lap top's CD/DVD player to a microdrive and then convert 
them. The CD player that I really like is a Sony and uses a USB port; I would 
like to get a new CD player/burner with optional DVD playing/burning capability 
that plugs into a USB port. This desktop computer's built-in CD player has just 
about had it, and taking this thing apart to install a new CD player is a major 
effort that I don't wish to tackle.

So, anybody have any recommendations for dependable CD players/recorders that 
plug into a USB port? I am getting tired of fussy, finicky, temperamental, 
cranky CD players. I've never had much success with them to start with.

Thanks for any input.

Mary Emerson
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