[bct] Re: Any Experiences with ultra sonic proximity detectors for mobility?

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Hi Lucas,

Welcome to the list.

As far as your question.  I know there is a demo on one of the podcasts at 
BCT for a sonar device that goes on the cane.



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Hi all,

this is my first message to this list and thus a short intro: My name
is Lukas Loehrer, I am 27 years old and live in the German speaking
npart of Switzerland. I have had vision problems for some years but I
have only been dealing with actual blindness for about 8 months now. I
have been listening to the bct podcast since November and found it to
be an invaluable source of information. Especially the career profiles
were very inspiring and encouraging to me. I am very interested in
computer programming as well as science and technology in general. I
am traditionally mainly a Linux user; I like to tinker with things and
understand their inner workings.

I would like to ask the following question: During my orientation and
mobility training, I have learnt about ultra sonic proximity
detectors. These are basically devices that warn you of obstacles,
especially such that are hard to detect with the cane.  The device
will start emitting an acoustic or vibration signal when an object
comes in range. the Signal intensifies when you get closer.

I know of two models:

Ultra body guard: A device you can hang around your neck. Thus, it
  protects mainly the chest and the head. I had the chance to test
  this device and it appears to be very useful, although it certainly
  takes some getting used to.

Miniguide: A hand held device like a small remote control that you can
point in the desired direction to look for objects.

From a theretical point of view, having such a device makes a lot of
sence to me, because banging your head is not fun! I was wondering if
some of you of you have any practical experience with such devices. Do
you know any models other than the aboveabove?  Which ones are

Best regards, Lukas

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