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Hi Bill. I think that's a good idea. It would, as you said, be a headache to 
get started but I think it would work well.
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  Larry has mentioned during several podcasts that he wishes there was a way to 
organize all  the information that's going out over the podcasts.  If I might 
make a suggestion.  It would be a real headache to get started, but perhaps the 
best way would be to have a submissions form with a checklist of topics covered 
in the submission.  There could be any number of catagories and subcatagories, 
for example:
  Sound seeing tours
  Talking appliances

  Then on a page you could list all the catagories and subcatagories and users 
could check the podcast catagories they are looking for.  Naturally, almost 
every podcast would contain many catagories, but it would make it easier for 
those who haven't been with the podcasts very long to find what they want.  
Perhaps older submitters could go back and fill in the info for their podcasts? 
 Like I said, a real headache to get started, but once it's up and running 
perhaps it would help?


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