[bct] Re: Another way to bring efficiency to the list

  • From: "Phil Vlasak" <phil@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 10:17:53 -0500

MessageHi Neal,
That would be fine except some of us have punctuation turned off so the number 
sign would not be spoken.
Some lists put OT in front of messages that are not on topic.
Or how about a 1 in front of the subject denoting that this is a 1 line 
response that will not add significantly to the topic in question.

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  Subject: [bct] Another way to bring efficiency to the list

  I have an idea for another way to make it easier for people to decide which 
messages to open and which to delete.  However, it may be way too complicated 
to pull off and keep track of.

  I do like the fact that we can all teas each other and make silly remarks.  
However, if I were on this list to find out about podcasting, I can see that I 
might get slightly annoyed at having to open all of the messages that have 
nothing to do with podcasting.  So, here is my suggestion.

  If someone wants to write a message about chocolate, for example, and there 
has not been a podcast on chocolate about which the sender is commenting, one 
could put a number sign in front of the subject line as follows.  #chocolate.
  That seems like an easy thing to do and it would alert people that this 
message is more or less off the subject of an existing podcast.  Now, here is 
where the trouble starts.  What if I want to reply to a message about, say, the 
Kurzweil, about which there has been a podcast.  But, lets say that I simply 
want to say something like, "That certainly is a complicated beast."  That 
message, while keeping with the general friendly tone of the list does not shed 
much if any light on the subject.  So, once again, I would put a number sign in 
front of the subject to let people know that I am not saying anything to really 
increase the knowledge of the list members.  People who didn't want to read 
this message could delete it and know that they had not missed anything.  If 
someone simply wanted to add to the teasing tone of the message, they could 
reply to it and it would still have the number sign in front of it.  If, on the 
other hand, people wanted to add something of substance about the Kurzweil, 
they would delete this message and reply to a former one with the same subject 
but without the number sign.

  Now, this seems like a lot of trouble to go to in order to allow the same 
kind of list tone we have managed to arrive at, but for people who get as many 
messages as some on this list, I think it would really help.

  I'm not going to try to apply this as a list rule at this point.  I would 
like to hear what people think.  Perhaps someone will come up with a better 
strategy.  One of the problems with my proposed strategy is that new members to 
the list will not understand what this is all about.  Of course, I could draft 
something to send to new members, but I don't think that every new member 
always announces himself or herself on the list.  They simply read what is 
going on and no one knows they are there.  Thus, they would be totally unaware 
of the logic behind this suggestion.

  So, there you have it.  What do people think?  Put on your thinking caps and 
come up with an even better strategy because it would be nice to have both a 
list that really informs people and one which allows some social interaction 
among list friends.

  I'll be waiting for your suggestions.


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