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I do believe the Pac Mate can give you 44100 and 16 bits.  Newer
versions of the software do have a couple different microphone
intensities, and I don't know what the new recorder capabilities will be
with the new Pac Mate version.

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I have a Pac Mate TNS. My only problem as it relates to recording with
Freedom's recording software is that there is no level control that I
can find even in the sounds and notifications setting. For me at least,
with the internal mic, it is extremely loud. I have yet to try it with
an external mic because I don't have one that can fit those mini cell
phone style connections, only the kind that go on the computer. I wonder
what the PocketPC sound chip it uses really samples at even if the
software can give you 44.1, that could be upsampled by software
preserving the lower quality. If the Iriver h1x series with Rockbox can
record wave files, they will probably do better, but anything is better
than not recording at all, almost.

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OK, here is a different strategy.  I know that the PacMate and I suspect
the Voice note also, though I don't know this, can be used as a
recorder.  In fact, the 4.0 update for the Pac Mate supports Full access
to Resco Audio Recorder. To quote from the FS newsletter, "Now users
will have complete, more intuitive access to all the functionality of
this powerful audio recording application."
The braille version of these note takers is not very large, and even the
qwerty models are smaller than some digital recorders.  Does anyone on
this list use this setup?


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