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Hello, Maria,

I was not certain which Pac Mate model you have, so I wasn't sure 
if I could help.

Recording on your QX is very easy.  You simply hold down insert 
and press the spacebar and your PM will announce application. 
Then press "1" on the numbers row.  You will hear a single beep 
and the recording starts.  As Jay mentioned, pressing any key 
will stop the recording.

Your recorded notes are right there to listen to until you leave 
the "notes" program.  They are actually stored in the root of "my 
documents" when you need to find them later.

You can use a cell phone or cordless phone mike/headset for 
better recordings.  You can also adjust sample and bit rates up 
to CD quality.

Let me know through the list or off list if I can help you 
further.  This is an easy-to-use feature of your notetaker.

Rob Fairclough

Maria R. wrote:
Hi Jay,

I thank you for the Pacmate info, but I'm afraid I was a bit 
remise in not
stating that I have a QX400 model with the quirty keyboard. 
Sorry about

Maria R.

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> Maria,
> If you have a pacmate BX (Braille keyboard), Regarding your 
> Pacmate
> recording feature... If you have not changed any of the 
> assignments for
> hot keys, to begin recording press an st chord then dot 1. You 
> will hear a
> chirp notifying you that the recording has started. say 
> something like 1,
> 3. To stop recording press the f1 key or any other key and you 
> will hear
> another chirp. Your recordings will be saved within file 
> explorer in the
> documents folder as recording1.wav. The sound quality is very, 
> very poor
> even though they are .wav files.
> Thanks,
> J Garcia
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> MessageHello Allison et al,
> I have a Pacmate which I use primarily at work for notes, 
> contacts, and
> calendar.  I know that there is a recording feature, but am not 
> sure how
> access it.  would someone please post the key strokes for this 
> and
> explain the function?  Actually, a podcast on the Pacmate would 
> be
> I am sure there are many other functions with which I am not 
> familiar.  I
> and probably other new users would be in your debt.  thank you 
> in advance.
> Maria R.

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