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Pam, I have this notion of my PacMate recording, maybe even editing, sounding 
wow with Braille. Funny to think that were it possible we might be thrilled 
with a
rather big and heavy machine, but an accessible one. But you know, that we have 
use an adapter just to plug in a one-eighth inch mike sets up a bad deal. I 
with you that for the kind of money these machines cost, it seems the 
would address a set of activities many of us clearly enjoy.

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And why is it that the recording quality both with the Pacmate and the
MPower is so poor I wonder? Even at the highest quality settings,
MPower recordings have a crackling sound in the background. It's not
the bitrate that's the problem, and for as expensive as those machines
are, you'd think they could at least have the recording quality of a
laptop--otherwise, why bother?


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