[bct] Re: Another idea about recorders

  • From: "Maria R." <malyn87@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 03:36:51 -0500

MessageHello Allison et al,

I have a Pacmate which I use primarily at work for notes, contacts, and 
calendar.  I know that there is a recording feature, but am not sure how to 
access it.  would someone please post the key strokes for this and possibly 
explain the function?  Actually, a podcast on the Pacmate would be terrific.  I 
am sure there are many other functions with which I am not familiar.  I and 
probably other new users would be in your debt.  thank you in advance.

Maria R.
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  I record a lot of my voice lessons using the built in notes function on my 
pacmate. There's also another free program out there called NoteM which will 
allow you to record in mp3 format.

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    OK, here is a different strategy.  I know that the PacMate and I suspect 
the Voice note also, though I don't know this, can be used as a recorder.  In 
fact, the 4.0 update for the Pac Mate supports Full access to Resco Audio 
Recorder. To quote from the FS newsletter, "Now users will have complete, more 
intuitive access to all the functionality of this powerful audio recording 

    The braille version of these note takers is not very large, and even the 
qwerty models are smaller than some digital recorders.  Does anyone on this 
list use this setup?



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