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MessageHi Kurt,

Thank you for all the advice.  I plan to learn the alphabet and numbers so I 
can at least read a label, I hope to be able to read grade 1 Braille books and 
if I can get any good then maybe try to learn some grade 2 Braille.  Its 
something to work for that's for sure.

I did order some flash cards online, hopefully that will give me a good place 
to start from.



My darkness has been filled with the light of intelligence, and behold, the 
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  It will be to your advantage to learn Braille.  I am 52 and although I took 
the braille training at voc rehab I didn't use it much until a few years ago.  
I am a slow reader so I use it more for notes instead of reading books.  If you 
want to learn it, you can, it is like anything else you do.  I was told by the 
braille instructor that   if you didn't learn it as a child that you wouldn't 
be effective with it as an adult, but I know it is helpful to know.
  However, I don't think that knowing braille makes you more employable, rather 
your job skills and determination.  Many careers these days involve the use of 
a computerand when the computer is down the sighted folks can't work either.  
  I would recommend talking to the supervisor at the rehab and tell them you 
want a class in braille, if you don't want to do that, take a course with 
hadley.  You can learn the basics with a slate and stylus.  After you  learn 
the basics, subscribe to the Matilda zZeigler Magaxzine, in braille, it is free 
and it will help you to practice reading.
  Good luck,
  Curt & Faith (the fabulous guide dog)


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