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MessageHi Darrell:
You'll love it man!  I have used it exclusively for gathering outside, on the 
spot recordings that will be used during my own cast and it works great.  Once 
you learn the menu structure, it is really easy to operate.  I love the fact 
that the menus don't rap.  I purposely didn't use it as a feed into my 
submission because in addition to my Magical Mystery Sound Tours, I want to 
demonstrate how cheaply one can put together one of these pod casts.  It really 
doesn't take much if you don't have the big bucks and yet have some new an 
interesting ideas that haven't been done by anyone else.  Oh yeah, are you 
thinking of changing your name to Darren after Adam's cast?

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  Hi Anthony and all,

  We don't know anything about the accessibility, or lack thereof, for this new 
Sound Professionals product, so it can't be recommended at this time.  I still 
like the Edirol R1.  I saw one at the expo.  Love all those buttons, switches 
and dials!  I may be able to get one for Christmas; we'll see!

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    Gosh!  I held off on ordering the Edirol R-1 because I knew that something 
better would materialize.  But I waited for a good while, and nothing did I 
hear, so I ordered the Edirol.  Now, on the day that I'm going to get it, I 
hear of something new and better!  Oh, just my luck!  *smiling*.  I do like the 
fact that the Edirol has no moving parts, and we still don't know how 
accessible this new recorder is, but it sure does sound nice.  thanks for 
telling us about it.
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    Subject: [bct] Another digital record out there

    Actually, many of you may already know about this.

    Sound Professionals.


    Why settle for a flash recorder with a 1 Gigabyte compact flash card when 
you can have 20 Gigabytes of recording time for the same price? The new 
    gives you 32 hours of recording time at CD quality (44.1khz .WAV files) on 
it's built-in hard drive!

    We have combined the Archos Gmini 402 digital recorder with our high 
quality microphone preamp to create a high quality digital recorder that 
    the performance and capacity of other digital recorders in the same price 
range. You can record a little over 2 gigabytes on one file (about 3:22 per file
    at 44.1 CD quality WAV file) and our tests show that the recorder will 
record about 9 hours on one battery charge! You can't do that with the Edirol 
    or the M-Audio microtrack.

    Of course, when you are ready to listen to your tunes, you can remove the 
recorder from the Preamp cradle (if you want to) and it becomes a full featured,
    iPod sized player with enough capacity to store hundreds of hours of music.

    The mic/line input and headphone jacks are located on the rear of the Otter 
Box, so you can close the box with them plugged in.

    My comments.
    I have not played with their mike pre-amp.  They say the recorder and the 
pre-amp are built into a water proof case out of which the microphone and 
headphone jacks can be reached.  I was surprised as to how small it was given 
that the entire thing is in a box.  It's something like 6.5 inches long 4 
inches deep and it is quite thin.  The size is found on the web site where you 
can also find out all the rest of the information.


    Have fun.


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